Part 1 – What are YouTube tags and why they are so important

YouTube tags are used when you upload video YouTube. You need to specify the type of video. In other words, you need to describe your video with keywords. But you might think about why you need to add these words. YouTube can’t figure out what my videos are about?

Using YouTube meta tags wisely can broaden your reach and help new people discover your content. However, don’t be tempted to insert irrelevant tags just because you know they are high traffic. Just as you did with your description, research your keywords, place the most important ones first and use as many as you can.

What are the three YouTube tag types
YouTube has three different types of tags and each of them has a specific purpose. The tags are-

1. Specific
The specific tag types are keywords oriented. These keywords specifically pertain to the content of your video. In this tag type, the particular video is highlighted with the keyword tags.

2. Compound
The compound tags are usually using more than two words. Many a time it is seen that users prefer tagging the complete title of the video.

3. Generic
The generic tags are the ones that describe the entire video in one or two words. These tags are used in all the video of yours.

Part 2 – How to come up with YouTube tags

The more relevant tags you add, the better it is. The best part is YouTube doesn’t restrict the number of tags but adding all is not possible and adding something irrelevant doesn’t make sense. So, your YouTube video tags must be the smart ones for more views. Educated tagging is what is required.

1. Using YouTube Auto-Suggest
Play with the search option in YouTube and check out the YouTube suggestions when you search. Try to recognize the common videos that pop up while searching for something important and relevant to yours. Try searching for random keywords according to your YouTube search experience.

2. Use the YouTube Keyword Search Tool
It helps you to extract the relevant keywords from the videos of your competitors and create suggestions according to the basic term provided by you.

3. Use Specific Tags
After using tools, you need to narrow down your tags specifically, like tags “Acer Aspire 3”. The search volume may not be huge, but these kinds of tags can let YouTube know your video very well. Give it a try!

4. Check competitor’s Tags
When you check tags from other brands, it is not suggested to copy them all. What you need to do is find what you are missing and try to cover that area. In the market, VidIQ is highly used. It has a free version. Most of all data including tags can be found for higher views.

Part 3: How to Tag YouTube and Add Title, Description

1. For a New Video
Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your YouTube account.
Step 2. Then click the Upload button that’s found on the top right corner of the window.

Step 3. Then select the video that you want to upload. You will be asked to add a title, description, and tags.

Step 4. After uploading, you can still edit the YouTube title, description, and tags.

For a Published Video
There are times when you want to change the title, description or a tag of an already published video. The good news is that YouTube allows you to re-edit them whenever you want to.

Step 1. Log into your YouTube account
Step 2. Left-click the account name found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then you will have a dropdown menu. Select Video Manager to show a list of your uploaded videos.

Step 3. Click the Edit button that’s found right next to the video that you want to modify. In the Video Information, you can now change the title, description or any of the tags. Click on the Save Changes button when you are done.

Now, your turn…

If you find any of the listed tips useful, share them with your YouTuber friends! And don’t forget to join me on YouTube!

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