Custom Url 1, TJz Adventures

How to create a subscribe link so I’m gonna jump straight in and show you right now

Step 1 – Sign in to YouTube

Open your YouTube channel
Youtube Studio 1024x573 2 1024x509, TJz Adventures

Step 2 – Create a Custom URL

Note: If you have more then 100 subscribers or you already created custom URL then skip this step
Settings 1024x570, TJz Adventures

Step 3 – Click on settings then a window will open so then click on Channel > Advanced settings and scroll to the bottom of the page

Manage Account 1024x570, TJz Adventures

Step 4 – Then click on the channel status and features

Channel Features 1024x570, TJz Adventures

Step 5 – Then you can find different options and also Custom URL option available so click on it and give a Custom Channel name

Custom Url 1024x570, TJz Adventures

Step 6 – So now you have Custom URL

Custom Urll 1, TJz Adventures

Step 7 – Now time to use Secret code ” ?sub_confirmation=1 ” use this code after the end of the channel name


Secret, TJz Adventures

Final – Now the final result

Subscribe Confirm 1024x570, TJz Adventures
It’s time to share your YouTube channel URL to different social media platform and boom.

Now, your turn…

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