VIJIM R70 RGB LED light is a compact, LED light with an integrated mounting bracket. Easy to use with 20 common lighting scenarios, and it’s in $69.95.

When you need the full spectrum of possibilities, the R70 is your go-to creative ally. More elaborate lighting setups with 360 RGB colors, 1-100% brightness adjustability, and saturation adjustable. Easy-to-use with 20 common lighting scenarios built right in, that way you can quickly and easily implement a lighting scheme.

Ulanzi Offer:
Ulanzi VIJIM R70 RGB Light:
VIJIM R70 RGB Light:

Gear Used:
1 – iPhone XR
2 – Tripod for Digital & Camcorder Camera
3 – Ring Light 12-inch LED
4 – Mirafak TU1 USB Microphone
5 – TaoTronics ANC Wireless Headphones

-=-=-= TIME STAMPS =-=-=-
0:00 – VIJIM R70 RGB LED Light
0:20 – The mount swivels 360°

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