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The Riyadh street food & food near me is made up of several cultures and cuisines. Be it in a mall or a flea market, street food is indulged into by everyone everywhere. I have selected 8 items from around the Riyadh. Description & location mentioned below.

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Falafel – Spicy, deep-fried de1licacies are prepared using faca beans and/or ground chickpeas

Manaeesh, Manakish – Arabian version of the pizza

Luqaimat – Doughnut-like dumplings are one of the tastiest sweet dish you’ll ever come across

Baleela – Made up of boiled chickpeas mixed with garlic and a pinch of salt, this hot and spicy

Mantu – Tiny tantalizing treasures are a form of dumplings that consist of a tangy meat mixture
Yughmish – Leavened bread that is filled with the juiciest of meats

Kanafeh – Traditional Levantine dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry

Mutabaq – Mouth-watering and popular dish is believed to be of Yemeni origin

Arabic Shawarma – Delicious Arab recipe served as a Snacks

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