Elite 7 Pro using advanced audio engineering. Jabra multisensor Voice for revolutionary call performance. Whenever. Wherever.

Reinvented true wireless technology to give you better sound quality, clearer calls, longer listening times, and more flexibility in when, where, and how you use it. Simply put, to give you more freedom.

Jabra engineered Elite 7 Pro with the most advanced and cutting-edge call technology yet, to completely revolutionize your life on the go. A whole world of new possibilities awaits.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro: https://www.mea.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-7-pro
Jabra Elite 85T: https://www.mea.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-85t

Jabra Sound+ iOS Mobile App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jabra-sound/id1320805565
Jabra Sound+ Android Mobile App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jabra.moments

Amazon – Jabra Elite 7 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds: https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/Jabra-Elite-Pro-Bluetooth-Earbuds/dp/B09D1HMBQ3/ref=sr_1_1
Amazon – Jabra Elite 7 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds Gold Beige: https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/Jabra-Elite-Pro-Bluetooth-Earbuds/dp/B09D1M33C9/ref=sr_1_3
Amazon – Jabra Elite 85t – Titanium Black: https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/Jabra-Elite-True-Wireless-Earbuds/dp/B08HZ2PX2Q/ref=sr_1_2
Amazon – Jabra Elite 85t – Gold Beige: https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/Jabra-Elite-True-Wireless-Earbuds/dp/B08MT1LJR6/ref=sr_1_3

-=-=-= Gears Used =-=-=-
1 – iPhone 13 Mini
2 – Deity VO-7U RGB USB Microphone
3 – K&F Concept Tripod 2624L
4 – Aputure Amaran 100D
5 – VIJIM R70 RGB LED Light
6 – Aputure MC RGB LED Light
7 – Jabra Elite 7 Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds

-=-=-= Time Stamps =-=-=-
0:00 – Elite 7 Pro Multipoint
0:10 – How to Use Elite 7 Pro

-=-=-= Music =-=-=-
Music from Tunetank.com
TwinkleBee – Business Gadgets (Copyright Free Music)
Download free: https://tunetank.com/t/7g09/2375-business-gadgets

Music from Tunetank.com
TechnicalNoise – Digital World (Copyright Free Music)
Download free: https://tunetank.com/t/7g09/1115-digital-world

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