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Focus on First 2-3 Sentences

YouTube’s algorithm puts more weight on keywords that show up in the first 2-3 sentences of your description.
Write Description 1 1024x735, TJz Adventures

1 – Be brief but informative

People that are looking for videos aren’t usually interested in reading long and wordy descriptions. You don’t need to use the entire character limit for the description, that will be too long and will bore your viewers. Instead, keep your description simple and informative explaining what your video is about.
Description 2 1024x379, TJz Adventures

2 – Add keywords to make your video searchable

The keyword plays a vital role in the title, description, and tag parts. Most of them using keywords only on video tags. But the truth is, you need to use your keywords in the video description as well.
Keywords 1024x379, TJz Adventures

3 – Add time stamps or Video chapters

If your video is quite long or you want to direct your viewers’ attention to a certain part of your video, timestamps or video chapters may be the way to go in your description.
Time Stamps 1 1024x572, TJz Adventures

4 – Add Social Media Links

In simple words, mention your social media links, so the audience will keep engaging with your other social profiles.
Social Links 1024x572, TJz Adventures

5 – Add Music Credit or any other Credit links

Mention your music credit or any other credit links, so youtube or any other creator will not give you copyright issues or copyright strike.
Music Credit 1024x803, TJz Adventures

6 – Add Gears or Tools used links (Optional)

Mention cameras or gears or tools which you used in your videos.
Gears Used 1024x636, TJz Adventures

7 – Add Affiliate links (Optional)

If you are linked with any affiliate marketing then use links in the description.
Affiliate Marketing 1024x636, TJz Adventures

8 – Add Disclaimer

If you’re using any affiliate links, then mention the “Disclaimer” properly.
Disclaimer 1024x500, TJz Adventures

Final look of your video description

Video Description 610x1024, TJz Adventures
Now, your turn…

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