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Are you struggling with the delivery of AdSense Pin? Unable to verify your AdSense account & receive your first $100 from AdSense? You are not alone, as AdSense users from many countries are facing a similar situation due to mailing issues.

Verify AdSense Account Address using National ID Card or International Passport step by step process:

1 – Your ad units are not displaying ads because you haven’t yet verified your address (PIN) – click Learn More
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2 – Scroll down to end of the page and found ” Having problems with your PIN? ” and then click on PIN troubleshooter
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3 – Personal Identification Number (PIN) troubleshooter page will open and now you need to answer some questions
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4 – Select ” Yes “ and then another option will be enabled
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5 – Select ” No ” and then another option will be enabled
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6 – Select ” Yes “ and then the message will appear to click on contact us
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7 – Personal Identification Number (PIN) will open and now fill all the form fields
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8 – Fill form fields like this
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9 – Where to find AdSense Publisher ID check below Image
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10 – Last option now time to upload National ID Card or Passport Screen using this uploader
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11 – After uploading an image
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12 – I used Government-issued ID card example
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13 – Submit and it’s time to check your email inbox
14 – Check your email inbox and expected within 5 min you will receive an email from Adsense
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