Copyright Claim 1, TJz Adventures

YouTube has a new tool that allows creators to quickly remove any content that’s subject to a copyright claim without having to take their whole video down.

[YouTube] A copyright claim was created for content in “Riyadh downtown city Saudi Arabia | Hayat Mall | Riyadh Night city tour | Time-lapse Riyadh”

Copyright Claim Email, TJz Adventures










Copyright claim message received in YouTube Studio Dashboard like below:

Video Copyright 1024x395, TJz Adventures






Creators can run into all sorts of problems regarding copyright issues on YouTube if they don’t fully understand the licensing rules behind using audio, images, or other video content created by others.

Repeat offenders (those with three copyright strikes) face the termination of their channel, a catastrophic blow for any creator who has put the time and effort into building YouTube views, engagement, and subscriber growth.

How to remove claimed content from a YouTube video:

1. Replace the song from the Youtube Studio:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click the “Videos tab.”
  3. Find the video and claim(s) you want to Replace song from the claimed content using YouTube audio library
    Copyright Replace Song 1024x560, TJz Adventures
  4. Replace song sectionReplace Song 2 1024x675, TJz Adventures
  5. Click Save Changes.


2. How to Trim out from the claimed content using YouTube studio:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click the “Videos tab.”
  3. Find the video and claim(s) you want to trim out the claimed content from. If your video has multiple claims, you’ll need to edit each of them individually.
    Copyright Claim Videopage, TJz Adventures
  4. Click the “SELECT ACTION” dropdown.
    Copyright Summary 1024x710, TJz Adventures
  5. Click on “Trim out the segment.”
    Dec 16 2019 11 45 38, TJz Adventures
  6. Click Continue and then Trim to execute the edit.

Now, your turn…

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