The best microphone for YouTube is an essential first step towards a career on one of the most popular social media platforms. Your YouTube career can be made or broken by the quality of your audio, so finding the right microphone is essential. Most people think they need to buy something big and fancy, but fortunately, no matter what your budget is, there are great options for you.

YouTubers often use USB microphones, since they connect directly to your computer, rather than an XLR microphone that may require extra parts. Both have their pros and cons, and you’ll often find XLRs perform better than USBs.

The VO-7U is a dynamic USB microphone designed for streamers and podcasters. It features a tight pickup pattern that allows it to reject room noise so your audience hears only you on the other side of their headphones. It also features an RGB ring with 12 unique colors and effects so you can have it match your PC’s design aesthetic or your stream’s branded colors.


2. Mirafak Audio TU1
Get a smooth recording experience for live streaming, voice recording and office presentations with the Mirfak TU1 USB Desktop Microphone. The Mirfak TU1 Desktop Microphone is a great plug-and-play microphone, designed to allow users to make the most of their games, podcasts, and voice-overs. Mirfak Audio TU1 USB microphone is only in $72.99.

Mirafak TU1:
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3. Sabinetek SmartMike+
I occasionally record video with a USB microphone, but it’s not suitable for outdoor use. The SmartMike+ is an incredibly small lavalier mic. Sabinetek SmartMike+ is designed for Bluetooth pairing with your iPhone or Android device.

SabineTek SmartMike+ Bluetooth:

SabineTek iOS App – SmartMike+ – Vlog&teleprompter:
SabineTek Android App – SmartMike+:

4. Lensgo LYM-DMM2 Shotgun Microphone
The Lensgo LYM-DMM2 Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone is lightweight, versatile, and filled with useful features. The ease of use and broadcast-grade audio quality makes this a great tool for all professionals. It is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, action cameras, and DSLR cameras. If you’re looking for a high-end recording mic that is reasonably priced, the DMM2 Shotgun Microphone is available at 69$ and is small enough for you to carry around.

AliExpress LYM-DMM2:

5. Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone
The Deity Pocket Wireless Mic is a direct alternative to the Rode Wireless Go, which costs about $200, but Deity has the advantage of including a small clip-on lavalier microphone. It is available for $169. Let’s do the unboxing and see what’s inside the box.

Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone:
Amazon – Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone:

With this list of incredible microphones, you should be able to find the right microphone for your new YouTube channel. Our list should have helped guide you toward the next purchase you make, whether you are looking for an XLR with the best audio quality or something that is more visually pleasing and flashy. Please let us know if our list does not meet your expectations so we can make improvements for the next person!

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