NAENKA LITE PRO wireless earphones with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Not only backward compatible with older versions but also increases transfer speed ensuring stable and swift connection. Bluetooth earbuds that automatically connect to the last paired device(Note: You’re supposed to remove the plastic warp on the earbuds and put them into the charging case before the very first pairing.) when you open the charging case, take you quickly into the music world.

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Naenka Lite Pro:

-=-=-= Gears Used =-=-=-
1 – iPhone 13 Mini
2 – SANDMARCH Scape ND Filters
3 – K&F Concept Tripod 2624L
4 – Aputure Amaran 100D
5 – NAENKA Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

-=-=-= Time Stamps =-=-=-
0:00 – NAENKA LITE PRO Headphones

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