The iPhone 12 Pro it’s a leap year. iPhone 12 Pro fast 5G connectivity finally available and i believe it’s top on all the way around. The iPhone 12 Pro is made both tougher with a 6.1-inch Ceramic Shield display and sleeker with a flat-edge design.

The iPhone 12 Pro offers not only a telephoto lens for optical zoom but a new LiDAR scanner that speeds up autofocus and enables Night mode portraits.

Thankful to Dr.Kashif Saleem for sharing his new iPhone 12 Pro to conduct this comprehensive review.

Full iPhone 12 Pro review:

iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue:
iPhone 12 Pro Graphite:
iPhone 12 Pro Silver:
iPhone 12 Pro Gold:

Apple Premium Reseller – Aleph ألف

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Gear Used:
1 – iPhone XR:
2 – iPhone X:
3 – iPhone 12 Pro:
2 – Tripod for Digital & Camcorder Camera:
3 – Ring Light 12-inch LED:
4 – Sony MDR-ZX110AP Extra Bass Headphone:

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