Today I bring something very useful for you and really, it’s a good choice for content creators, live streamers, and video conferences, basically it’s a 2K webcam that comes with some advanced features so let’s jump into it. It costs only $159.99 and a wide-angle camera with 2k helps you achieve clearer video recording so that every time you have a good idea can be perfectly presented.
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AI algorithm and auto-tracking keep you always in the center of the video screen. Built-in microphone with noise reduction algorithm can keep clear calls even if it’s noisy around you. Built-in high-quality double brushless motors give you different angle tracking.

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Gear Used:
1 – iPhone 13 Mini
2 – AICOCO 2K Streamcam
3 – Deity VO-7U RGB USB Microphone
4 – Tripod for Digital & Camcorder Camera
5 – Ring Light 12-inch LED
6 – VIJIM R70 RGB LED Light
7 – Aputure MC RGB LED Light
8 – Jabra Elite 7 Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds

-=-=-= TIME STAMPS =-=-=-
0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam
1:13 – How to Setup on Laptop
1:27 – Microphone Sound Test
1:33 – Video Result 2K Webcam
1:43 – Gestures Mode
2:04 – AICOCO Camera Settings
2:32 – Google DUO on Android TV
2:49 – Gestures Testing on TV
3:17 – Outro: AICOCO Streamcam

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