What is Subscriber counts
Your subscriber count reflects how many people have subscribed to follow your YouTube channel. You can find your exact subscriber count in YouTube Studio.

The subscriber count on your dashboard in YouTube Studio and the YouTube Studio mobile app is updated in near real-time expected in 24 hours.

How YouTube reacts on spam subscribers and why removing closed accounts & spammy subscribers

Closed accounts
These are accounts that were either closed by the user or terminated by YouTube due to a policy violation.
Spam subscribers
Subscribers gained through artificial means, such as purchasing subscribers through a third party service.

Closed accounts and subscribers that are identified as spam won’t count toward your total number of subscribers. They also won’t show in your subscriber list. Since these are artificial actions, removing them does not impact views or watch time.

9 Quick & Easy Hacks let’s go

1. Brand Your Channel
Another important way to get subscribers on YouTube that many people overlook is to pay attention to your channel branding.

The 2 most important branding aspects to look at are your channel art and channel icon.
1. The channel icon should ideally be 800 x 800 pixels in size.
2. The channel art size should be 2560 x 1440 pixels.

2. Create a Channel Trailer
Something else to add to your branding checklist is to create a trailer for your channel. A trailer is like an introduction video for people visiting for the first time.

You can feature your trailer in the YouTube welcome module which sticks to the top of your channel and offers a great video marketing opportunity for you to hook viewers.

3. Make Interesting Video Thumbnails
Another quick YouTube hack to inspire people to subscribe is to make your video thumbnails more clickable.

Video thumbnails are the first thing a viewer sees when discovering your video. A standard thumbnail isn’t going to tell them much about what they’re about to watch.

The ideal dimension of your YouTube video thumbnail should be 1280 x 720 pixels. The absolute minimum width is 640 pixels.

4. Optimize Your Video Descriptions
Another important hack that can improve the discoverability of your videos as well as an uptick in subscribers. And that is optimizing your video descriptions for search.

When people browse YouTube they often use it as a search engine, typing keywords into the search box to find what they’re looking for. So when uploading your videos, you need to name and describe them in a way that will help people find them easily.

You can use a keyword research tool to better define your keywords and learn more about search volumes.

Next, you’ll want to rename your video file to include your target keyword. Make sure you add it naturally to your video title too.

Now we’ll look at your video description. At this point, it’s worth noting that while Google gives you a 1,000 character limit for video descriptions, they’ll only display the first 2-3 lines to viewers. After that, people will need to click the show more link to continue reading.

5. Use Branding Watermarks
The next free hack to get subscribers on YouTube is to take advantage of branding watermarks.

To set your channel watermark head to your channel’s YouTube studio dashboard and click Settings.

Then click the Channel option and the Branding tab

Click Choose Image to find your logo on your computer. Then decide when you’d like your watermark to display in the video

Click Save and you’re done.

Now when your videos play, your watermark will show up at the time you set it to. And when people click your watermark, they can choose to subscribe.

6. Publish Longer Videos
The best quality indicator for videos on YouTube is the length of a video. And quality videos tend to generate more views. Add in the fact that longer videos usually rank higher and it makes total sense to create long videos rather than short ones.

But don’t try and make a 5-minute video into a 60-minute one just to make your videos longer. It’s more important to keep your viewers engaged.

7. End Videos With a Call to Action
One of the most important hacks for getting more subscribers on YouTube is to add a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of your videos. A CTA is where you close the deal and encourage people to do something.

When you hover over the Subscribe heading, an overlay appears with their direct subscribe link

8. Upload Frequently
Having a frequent upload schedule is another good way to boost your subscriber count. Uploading frequently draws potential subscribers back to your channel to watch more of your content.

Uploading at least one video a week is a good place to start. If once a week isn’t a realistic option for you, try once every 2 weeks. The key really is consistency. When people know you have a regular schedule they know what to expect and are more likely to subscribe to your channel.

9. Respond to Comments
Our final hack for getting subscribers on YouTube is to make sure you respond to comments. We get it, it takes time and not a lot of other YouTubers do it. But that’s the key!

Taking the time to personally respond to comments on your channel shows people you’re invested in them. Think of it this way, would you care about a channel that ignored your comments? Probably not!

Everyone love feeling like we have something to offer. And since it’s not something YouTubers do all that often, replying to comments will help you stand out more as a genuine content creator letting you more subscribers in the process.



Now, your turn…

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