The new Xiaomi FIMI X8SE 2022 is not a game-changer drone but still comes with significant improvements over its predecessors. It has a better camera with a bigger image sensor, upgraded transmission technology, and an optimized propulsion system. One area where FIMI is still behind DJI, however, is the lack of an obstacle avoidance sensor. In 2022, probably all drones over $300 will have this kind of safety feature.

The major advantage of the new X8 SE 2022, is the improved weather protection. Fimi stands that it can take wind gusts of level-8 and it is rain/snow proof. When you fly between mountains, the weather can change in just a few minutes, from sunny to stormy. Having the ability to safely return home regardless of the weather conditions makes the FIMI X8 2022 the ultimate adventure drone. Anyway, remember that it does not have any IP rating certification and it is not fully waterproof (can’t be immersed in water!).

FIMI X8SE V2 Website:

The 2022 edition looks almost identical to the X8 SE and X8 2020. With folded arms, the FIMI X8SE 2022 measures 204 x 106 x 72.6mm and weighs 765grams with a battery and propellers. It’s not quite as tiny or light as its little brother, but it is still easy to pack for a hike or trip.

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