What are YouTube tags?

YouTube tags are words and phrases that describe your video and provide more context to help people find your content.

How we add tags to our YouTube videos

Here’s our three-step process:

1. Set your primary target keyword as the first tag

We always use our primary keyword as our first tag. The first tag is “keyword research” because that’s what we want to rank for.

2. Add common, relevant keywords from top-ranking videos

Install the free vidIQ browser extension (or TubeBuddy), then search for your target keyword on youtube.

For example, let’s say that your target keyword is “Acer aspire 3” and you’ve created a video listing 10–20 of the top apps to try to rank for that.

Here are the top-ranking results for that keyword:

You can see that while the videos in positions 2–3 are topically similar, that’s not the case for the video ranking in the top spot.
You should see the tags for each video on the vidIQ overlay on the right.

Consider adding relevant common tags to your video.

Why are YouTube tags important?

Your video’s title, thumbnail and description are more important pieces of metadata for your video’s.

Now, your turn…

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